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Best Quality SSD Chemical Solutions

Buy Quality SSD Chemical Solutions. we are perfect in development and cleaning of defaced currencies with ssd chemical solution . we practice in ssd chemical solution and powder for cleaning black dollars, euro, pounds and any other currency from any stain or colour, to its original state. Buy Quality SSD Chemical Solutions

We also sell home kits for you to go and test your own brand for small mount cleaning, Anti-freezing Preparations and Prepared De-icing Fluids.

High Quality SSD Chemical Solutions

We have all kind of services associated money cleaning SSD solution and passport & ID card authentic.
SSD Solution
SSD Chemicla Solution
SSD Super Solution
SSD Universal Solution

SSD Super Automatic Solution
SSD PK58 Solution
SSD Ultimate 2018 Solution
Activation Powder
Mercury Powder
Passports and ID Authentication
Our First Laboratory was established in 2000 following degree ( WB/182SSD-01/GVS ) of the World Bank Geneva, Switzerland.

Buy Quality SSD Chemical Solutions

The creation of the SSD Premier Laboratory in Europe was to handle monetary issues such as cleaning black coated money, green coated money, achieve negative money and all sorts money that was transformed or defaced during transportation as a result to avoid risk of hijackers and terrorists. Buy Quality SSD Chemical Solutions
SSD LABORATORY is the first and only laboratory in the World that manufactures SSD chemicals, powders, spray and offers machine and 3D machine services .It was first created to handle money announce with European countries but by 2002 began to operate worldwide to the fast rising of black money owners in the world.

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